Shooting with Covid-19


Xmas Opening Hours 2020 / 2021

Monday Dec 21st & Tuesday Dec 22nd  12pm until 3pm

Wednesday Dec 23rd & Thursday Dec 24th  11am until 3pm

Dec 25, 26 & 27th CLOSED

Monday Dec 28th 11am until 3pm

Tuesday 29th CLOSED

Wednesday Dec 30th & Thursday 31st  11am until 3pm

January 1st 2021 CLOSED

Saturday January 2nd 11am until 3pm

Please download & use the NHS Covid 19 App & check in the Essex S.G. on arrival if you can.

The Essex S.G. is available to book via this page, please read ALL OF IT CAREFULLY BEFORE BOOKING. If everyone respects social distancing and the new procedures then hopefully over time we can get back to normality.

If you feel unwell, have been told to shield yourself, or you are supposed to be isolating, do not come.

If you are one of the  small minority who thinks social distancing isn’t necessary (and thinks 2m is closer to 20cm), do not come to any of our shoots please, we don’t want you there.

Travel independently unless with an immediate family member (same household). When you arrive park 2m away from the nearest vehicle. If the car park has no obvious parking place available, use the big grass field on the right as you drive in, again 2m away from anyone else. You are welcome to use the big grass field anyway if you prefer.

Groups to be limited to four shooters. If from the same household one can use the buttons to release targets for each other. If from different households you’ll need to use the solo delay. You cannot button for each other while still maintaining social distancing. When you book in on the day you'll be offered a hand sanitiser dispenser to borrow, to take with you around the course. We also have disposable gloves you can use for button pushing, please ask for them on the day if required.

Bring PPE with you if you wish, gloves, wipes etc. as you’ll require.

Pay by card or bring exact cash for the round if possible. Clays are 29p each at the Essex S.G. , cartridges from £6 per 25. Contact less payment limit has been increased to £45.

Hot / cold drinks & snacks available for consumption outside only.

Bring the minimal amount of kit to carry.

When you’ve finished shooting, settle your account and go home please.

There will be no scorecards, pens, or scoreboards available. You must either use your own or use an app on your phone.

The skeet range will be available only to book by the hour, max group of 3 shooters + 1 gloved button pusher, minimum charge of 100 clays per hour, 50 each if there are 2 shooters. Booking for skeet by email please, not the booking form at the bottom of this page, which is for the sporting & DTL layouts only.

Do not enter the skeet range unless you’ve booked it. Do not queue at the skeet range either please.

Coaching complete beginners is not permitted under any circumstances until social distancing requirements are completely  removed.

You will not be able bring non-license holders to use your guns unless they have had some recent prior experience at an organised clay pigeon shoot & are from your household or bubble.

You cannot share guns with anyone outside of your own household or bubble, or pick up other guests' guns.

You will be able to bring one non-license holder from your own household to release the targets for you if required, if you are on your own. Please do not bring lots of spectators with you.

We will not be lending anyone any guns, earmuffs, safety glasses or anything at all. Bring with you what you will need. Cartridges are available for sale as usual, bring your SGC with you every time please.

We will not require membership cards for the foreseeable future, you will need to complete the  booking form below  before you attend, just your name on the day will be required to get a counter. If you book on  the day please book for a late start time.  You're welcome to call 07768 742117 to check that its available.

You will be expected to check this page, read and understand any new procedures/restrictions before you visit, each and every time until further notice.

We will change what we can to make every shoot run as smoothly as possible. This is a work in progress and any useful suggestions are always welcome.

Undoubtedly we’ll need to limit the customers on the layouts at any one time.

This will be done by limiting the number of counters available at any one time & operating a booking system.

To book in please complete the form below, you can book for up to 6 days in advance only.

You’ll receive an auto reply confirmation email immediately.  If you don't receive one it means either you've not entered your email address correctly, or you haven't completed the form correctly. If this happens please fill in the form again.

Feel free to arrive 15 minutes early, we’re planning on opening the gate earlier, but no shooting can start until we’re allowed to.

The booking times available are as follows: updates will appear here ASAP as places are booked.

Wednesdays, Thursdays & the alternate Saturdays 11am, 12pm, 12:30pm, 1pm, 1:30pm, 2pm SHOOTING MUST STOP BEFORE 3PM

Fridays 12pm, 1pm, 1:30pm, 2pm, 2:30pm, 3pm SHOOTING MUST STOP BEFORE 4PM. From November to end of February this winter shooting on Fridays will be 11am or 12pm start until 3pm.


Feel free to email any questions to us.

Please don't send Olly text messages to book as glasses are required to read them nowadays! He can’t tally up text messages with the online diary like he can emails, he’s a much better shooter than he is a texter…

The skeet range & DTL layout are the only ranges that require a separate booking. Due to only 1 skeet range open & only 4 bookings per day, suggest putting 1st &2nd  choice options on emails to avoid complete disappointment, bookings confirmed in date & time order of emails received. DTL available to book for the 1st hour of opening only, email Olly to book. Below is current skeet range available start times updated on Dec 3rd . Email Olly to book

Skeet range Dec 3rd 11am
Skeet range Dec 4th fully booked
Skeet range Dec 5th fully booked, sporting  only
Skeet range Dec 9th 11am, 12pm, 1pm
Skeet range Dec 10th, 11am

Online Registration Form

You will receive an auto-reply confirmation email immediately.  If you don't receive one it means either you've not entered your email address correctly, or you haven't completed the form correctly. If this happens please fill in the form again.

    Maximum 4 shooters per booking.  

    Name and contact number must be entered for each person. This is a legal requirement.
    Shooter No 1

    Shooter No 1 Mobile/Landline

    Shooter No 2

    Shooter No 2 Mobile/Landline

    Shooter No 3

    Shooter No 3 Mobile/Landline

    Shooter No 4

    Shooter No 4 Mobile/Landline

    Date of shoot (please note that you cannot book more than one week in advance)








    There is no shoot available for this day.



    I confirm that I have read and fully understood the current requirements to book a shoot as stated on this page at the time of booking.

    I also understand it is my responsibility to make sure that any guest I book in has also read and understood the requirements above.



    Click here for current government advice regarding Covid-19.




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