What are clay pigeons?

claypigeonsGenerally, clay pigeons look like an upside down plate, made from a mixture of pitch and chalk designed to withstand being launched from a clay pigeon trap at high speeds, but also easily breaking when hit by just a very few pellets shot from a shotgun.

The targets are black when manufactured, but can be any colour, so  that they can be seen against varying backgrounds.

Clay pigeons are made to an exact specification so the weight & size is always consistent.

There are several types of clay pigeon targets that are used for the various disciplines. However only the standard 110mm target is used in all of the Olympic trap and skeet disciplines. Sporting shoots feature the full range of targets  to provide the variety that makes the discipline so much fun!.

Standard: The most commonly used target today, weighs 105 grams and measures 110 mm  diameter, and approximately 25 mm in height.

Midi: Same saucer shape as the standard but with a diameter of only 90mm.

Mini: This target is sometimes likened to a flying bumblebee at only 60mm in diameter and 20 mm in height. We don't use these targets, too much of a test of eyesight for some guests..

Battue: A very thin, flat, wafer of a target of about 110mm diameter. Can be thrown in a number of different ways for variety.

Rabbit: A standard sized  flat target designed to run fast along the ground.


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